LocationAntwerp, Belgium
Type: Commission
Program: Office Space
GFA: 280 m2
Date: October 2018
Status: Coming Soon

An ambitious project for an accountancy office and co-working area with a dock view in a fully renovated area of Antwerp. The Eilandje has become a prime location and this tower by Chipperfield Architects uplifts the expectations. A simple, austere and clean approach is what our client asked for his working space. The office plan works in a U-shape around the core of the tower. One end serves an accounting company and the other one as a co-working area. The corridor serves access to the meeting rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. The work stations are found at its both ends. The presence of oak is visible and the homogeneity of the policoncrete, allied with the bright walls, brings some references of contemporary Japanese office spaces. The design was thought to be minimalistic and honest. Using natural materials as much as possible. Besides the wood colour, all other colours in this project’s palette have been kept neutral, to bring out the warmth of the oak.